Easter Sunday (or) Resurrection Sunday


Son of God, Jesus Christ, He was raised from the grave on Sunday, on the third day after his death. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ every year. That is why some people call “Easter Sunday” the day Jesus Christ resurrected. Some Christians call it “Resurrection Sunday.” So Why the difference?

The name “Easter” is derived from the name of an ancient myth and the names of goddesses. These events go back in time to the construction of the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis.


The word “Easter” is derived from the ancient word “Eastre or Eostre”. These “Eastre or Eostre” are the names of goddesses. Goddess called the “Eastre” was worshiped by the Saxons of northern Europe. “Eastre” originally means “Spring”. The goddess “Eastre” also said, “I am the god of fertility”; in other words, she is a “goddess of fertility” There are other similar names that have traditionally been considered goddesses. “Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos” were also worshiped as goddesses. The festivals of these goddesses are also celebrated in the early summer. There are many other goddess festivals held in the spring.

Easter Rabbit or Hare / Easter Bunny

The term Easter Rabbit or Hare / Easter Bunny is also referred to as “fertile”; In Egypt and China, there was also the story of “Man and Moon” related to the Easter Rabbit / Hare. The Easter Bunny also refers to the mother goddess of fertility.

Easter Egg

The “egg” is also a symbol of Babylonian worship. In the story, it is said that the egg fell from the sky into the river Euphrates. The egg is very large and amazing that she came to the story as a fertile goddess.

Easter Sunday နှင့် Easter Egg

Therefore, some Christians today use Easter Sunday because the story of the “fertile goddess” is similar to the story of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ, the number of believers has increased. The time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is also in the spring called “Eastre”.

The story of the “Easter Egg” falling from the sky is similar to that of Jesus Christ, who descended from heaven, so some Christians make the Easter Egg. Nowadays, there is nothing in the Easter Egg, then it is called the Tomb of Christ and is being used by children as a toy.

Resurrection Sunday

Some Christians use the term Resurrection Sunday to refer to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The words “Easter Sunday and Easter Egg” are not used because the origin of “Easter” is a word used by unbelievers. It is also said to be irrelevant to the Christian Bible. Sampling from unbelievers; It is said that imitation is not in harmony with what the Bible teaches. The use of the simple word “Resurrection Sunday” is also biblical, and the meaning is also clear. Then Jesus Himself said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” (“I am the resurrection and the life.”). John 11:25 (John 11:25).